Scottish Tattie Scones

So, I’m collecting and testing recipes that I want to include in our Christmas celebration and the days that our family will be together this year. Last year, my grandboys were just one year old and still so little, but this year the oldest two boys will be eating what we eat. I want to gather some recipes that will become our family traditions, those recipes that the grandsons will remember for the rest of their lives. I really want to include some authentic Scottish, Irish, British and Spanish foods since that is their heritage.

My first experiment was a Scottish potato scone recipe I got from Christina’s Cucina. She gives very thorough instructions and I followed them to a tee. They turned out great. Sort of bland, but she very clearly says that traditionally the scones should be fried with the bacon to absorb the flavors of the bacon.

I think these will be a great addition to our breakfasts. I think this one is a keeper!






Little Visit

I’m really enjoying the little visits we’re getting from our kids and grandkids now that we live closer. A few days ago, my daughter-in-law, her Mom and Manny came for a visit while my son was in Mexico shooting a wedding. We had great fun just hanging out and doing Christmas-y things.

Now that we’re living so far from shopping and restaurants, I’m doing more cooking. So, while they were here I cooked Shepherd’s Pie (my recipe) and Joanna Gaines’ Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas (with a few changes based on what I forgot at the store and what I had in the house, haha!) It’s from her Magnolia Table Cookbook. A great cookbook, by the way. It’s full of good and real food that you would actually cook and eat.


I also grabbed a Grinch Gingerbread Kit at the local H-E-B and Manny had fun decorating the Grinch’s house.


But I think Manny’s favorite time was spent with Papa. They played and played and wrestled and wrestled.

I think they just like being together.


Hope your holidays are full of little visits and special times with family and friends.




Advent Resources!

I’m in a Facebook group where a mother was asking for help about celebrating Advent with kids. So, I put together a list of resources that caught my eye. Just click on the blue text to get the link.

This is a great resource from LifeWay with a free downloadable Advent guide.

Advent, advent candles, advent wreath

This is a list compiled by my friends who are Pastors at Faith Methodist Church in Georgia

heaven earth

This is from Coffee Cups & Crayons and it gives you ideas for “24 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.” Cool ideas for doing nice things for people during Advent.

Free printable Random Acts of Christmas Kindness calendar for 2018! December version available too! #24racks #actsofkindness #kindnesscalendar #christmasactsofkindness


Here’s another service-oriented Advent idea which I love! It’s from Nourishing Joy. It gives some really unique ideas for serving others during Advent.

Wanting an Advent calendar that helps your child connect to the larger purpose of celebrating Christmas? This DIY Advent Calendar provides simple ways to serve throughout the season - and can be used again throughout the year!


If you have time and you just need a calendar and not the readings or ideas to go with it.  AND you love Legos, how about building a Lego Advent Calendar? This is so creative and awesome from Frugal Fun 4 Boys, but I’d have to get my son to build it, haha!

Here’s one more link to Kids Can Light The World Advent Calendar from Mother’s Niche. More great daily ideas to celebrate Advent.

And one more. If you’re into sharing your family stories and want your kids to know your family history, I’ve written an Advent Celebration just for you! Yes, I’m shamelessly plugging my own book! Haha!

raising disciples advent cover


I hope that helps! Enjoy the Advent season!




10 Favorite Toys of Our 2-Year-Old Boys

Since Christmas is quickly approaching, I thought I’d give you some real gift-giving help. My two oldest grandsons are both 2 years old, so I asked my daughter and daughter-in-law to tell me the boy’s top 5 favorite toys. These are toys they really play with and really love.

So, here you go. I’ve included the links (blue text) to Amazon and just so you know I do get a little bit of dough if you use my link. Thank you!

G’s our active guy and here are his favorite toys: 

  1. Thomas the Train Mega Bloks

2. Foam Toy Swords

3. Tool belt

4. Soccer ball

5. Drumset

This is not my grandson and not the exact drumset he has. But it’s about the same size and it has a stool with it. The stool is an important component, haha!

Manny loves independent play and here are his favorite toys: 

  1. Animal figurines

2. Play-Doh

Please note that Play-Doh is suggested for ages 3 and up. Our boys are 2 and a half and can handle the Play-Doh fine with supervision.

3. Construction vehiclesPlease note that these vehicles are recommended for ages 3 and up.

4. Water Table

5. IPad Games  – Here’s a fun IPad cover

This cover is rubbery and keeps the IPad safe from being dropped. It also stands on its own and has those “arms” making it easy to handle with little hands. Make sure you monitor what your little one watches and limit screen time.

I hope that helps you with your gift giving this year!
















Delicious and Easy Thanksgiving Side: Jalapeño Corn



One of the first times I came to Texas to visit my son-in-law’s parents, we had dinner at their house. The dish that stood out to me the most was the Jalapeño Corn. That was years ago and every now and then I start to crave it.

I got the recipe directly from Laurie to share with you.


4 cans of whole kernel corn, drained

2 8oz. packages of cream cheese

3/4 stick of butter

1/4 – 1/2 c. chopped pickled jalapeño

Put all the ingredients in a slow cooker and heat on high for about 4 hours.  You might want to garnish it with sliced jalapeno just to let everyone know it’s going to be spicy.





My Prayer for Gideon


This is my first born grandson. The son of my daughter. I love him with all of my heart. He brings me joy. I hope I do the same for him.

He’s bold and brave and daring. He’s passionate. A force.

I pray that he will learn to harness the fire in his bones so it doesn’t consume him.

God, teach him.

He’s imaginative, creative and curious.

He’s got the spirit of the great explorers, the great inventors, the pioneers.

I pray he doesn’t fall prey to the discouragers, the negative, the fearful and those without vision.

God, protect him.

He will cut a path, make a mark, have an impact.

God, guide him.

His strength, his power, his drive will push him.

God, keep him – close.




Backyard Birthday Party!




My daughter-in-law’s birthday party was fun! I told you in a previous post that she had sent me a few photos and said she wanted hot dogs for her birthday. I picked up on the vibe and ran with it. I think she really liked it!

We had gotten a lot of rain which brought cooler temps, so our backyard was rather cold and swampish. The wood got wet, and a few of our guests could not make it, but we managed to “puddle” through, haha!

It was just a small, family get-together but so much fun!

I’d like to give a shout out to my son, Joel Libramento, for taking photos. The top 3 are his work.